What are Veneers c4Have you ever wanted a more attractive smile? Many people have healthy teeth and gums, but they also frequently have minor misalignments, chips, gaps, stains, discolorations, cracks, worn enamel, and similar flaws that take away from their smile’s unique beauty. When they learn that veneers may be an option, their first question is often, “What are veneers?”

Veneers are designed to restore the visible part of the teeth. They are wafer-thin sheets of porcelain that are customized to perfect and enhance your natural teeth. Some types of veneers can be placed directly over teeth while others require minimal preparation to ensure a comfortable fit. Veneers can usually be completed in just two to three dental visits, and patients can share their new smiles as soon as their veneers have been applied.

If you are a candidate for veneers, we will begin by designing your smile. You will be able to take an active role in this process so that we can ensure you are fully satisfied with every aspect of your new look from the size, shape, and color of your teeth to the finish and luminescence. After preparing your teeth, your veneers are fabricated by a master ceramist who specializes in cosmetic work. We will then bond your custom fabricated veneers to your teeth using powerful dental adhesives that can hold them in place for 15 years or more. Give us a call today to learn more about what veneers are or to schedule your appointment with our expert in veneers in Westlake Village and Thousand Oaks.