Teeth Veneers Cost Westlake VillageDental veneers are a type of cosmetic dental restoration that can be used to correct or improve the appearance of teeth. They are often used for patients who have chips, worn enamel, intrinsic stains, or misaligned teeth who want a long-lasting, stain-resistant restoration. If you are interested in veneers, we can help you learn more about the process and your options and explain your potentialteeth veneers cost in Westlake Village and Thousand Oaks.

The average tooth veneers cost in Westlake Village and Thousand Oaks is based on the number of teeth that are being restored. Some people need just one veneer to cover a misshapen or otherwise flawed tooth. Others may need all their visible teeth to be covered. Your price may vary based on how wide your smile is and how many teeth are shown when you smile. In most cases, veneers are priced based on the number of teeth involved.

Westlake Village Teeth Veneers Cost

Another factor that can affect your teeth veneers cost in Westlake Village and Thousand Oaks is the amount of preparation. Some veneers are a special no-prep design that need minimal adjustment of your natural teeth. More adjustment may be needed if you have extremely crooked teeth or major flaws. Temporary restorations may be needed for patients who need extensive preparations, and this can affect the final cost.

Veneers can be placed in just a few dental visits. At the initial visit, we will explain your options and may even be able to give you a preview of your smile. Once your smile is designed, you will be ready to begin treatment. The teeth need to be prepared, and then impressions, images, and other records will be taken and sent to the dental lab to make your veneers. At your final visit, your veneers will be bonded to your teeth, and your new smile will be ready to flash.

Because tooth veneers are considered a cosmetic treatment, our tooth veneers cost in Westlake Village and Thousand Oaks is not generally covered by dental insurance. However, if a veneer is needed to correct a dental health problem, it may be partially covered. Financing options are available and can make it easier for you to get the smile you have always wanted. We will work with you to find the best financing solutions for your needs.

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