How Much are Veneers f1How much are veneers?” This is one of the first questions patients ask when they are interested in improving their smiles. Veneers are a fast, highly effective way to boost the color of your teeth, create a more aligned appearance, conceal chips and other minor flaws, and transform your smile.

When we talk to you about how much veneers cost, the answer can vary quite a bit based on your individual needs. Your cost will be different if you only need one veneer to cover a misshapen or damaged tooth than if you need a smile full of veneers to conceal multiple issues. At your consultation, we will examine your teeth, talk to you about your goals and desires, take dental records, and give you an estimate that can help you better plan for your new look.

Although the cost of veneers is not generally covered by dental insurance since they are considered a cosmetic restoration, we do offer a wide range of financing options. Our team will work with you to find the right financing solution for your needs or determine other options to help you get the smile you want. Veneers can often be placed in just a few weeks. In most cases, only minimal preparation is necessary, and temporary veneers are available to protect your teeth and keep you comfortable with your smile as you wait for your permanent look.

How much are veneers? Schedule your appointment with our expert in veneers in Westlake Village and Thousand Oaks today, and we will help you find out.